New season of Walking Dead this weekend

Yeah baby new season of Walking Dead. Finally can’t wait to see this first episode. Really wanting the governor to suffer something bad but they are going to make us wait until the end to see that. Seen a few previews and it looks like the prison gets hit with zombies. Also curious to see what little brother is gonna do without swordhand Merle. Either way, can’t wait for the season to start.

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China to build bridge or tunnel to Taiwan

As if tensions haven’t always been rough between China and Taiwan. Now China is talking about connecting to Taiwan with a bridge or tunnel. Can see that going over very well and not creating more tension between one of the most criticized nuclear powers in the world and that tiny island. Not sure if this will ever be allowed to happen but it is making news so that means China wants the world to know.

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Sequestration taking out government programs to find dangers in space

The U.S. government budget cuts from sequestration are now hitting space programs used to identify dangers from space that could hit Earth. It has been reported that both NASA and the Air Force are having to kill programs used to track our open skies. So things much larger than the meteor that hit near Chelyabinsk in Russia this past February will be able to fly right in, hit our planet and we will have no warning. The meteor that hit Russia was said to be about 20 meters in size and injured about 1,500 people. Only 60 feet and size and about 1,500 hurt. Imagine something 10 times that hitting. Now we are blind thanks to U.S. budget cuts.

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Zombies? Tough to say with the way the world is changing.

First off, big Walking Dead fan here. That doesn’t mean I wan’t zombies running around eating people. But with the way things become regulated these days, new diseases surfacing, new chemicals people are using for “enjoyment” that are basically uncontolled but available over the counter. Anything is possible.

Stuff is changing in what we treat our food with and make available to the public. Look at humans 75 years ago when they graduated high school and look at them now. Full grown beards looking like lumberjacks. If the world is still around in 100 years I can’t even imagine what people are going to look like. Bunch of mutants.

So zombies ending the world?? Not impossible.

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Telling me big money doesn’t have a hand in this?

It’s a good money maker all the way around for some very evil people. Big money has a hand in this. Create the disease then create the cure. Even better create something that can’t be cured and people are forced to spend money on they rest of their lives to keep their heart beating.

Humans are a filthy and greedy creation. Not all fall into this category but look at what is going on in this world. Things certainly are not getting better.

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North Korea will probably be the ones to end this planet

Look at the news. North Korea willing to kill anyone for a little media attention. Like a bunch of little kids with heavy artillery. A pathetic excuse for a country and China is just sitting on the sideline hoping they will do something to give them an excuse to go to war.

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There is good money in war

War boosts the economy, creates jobs, creates funding for defense budgets which helps all previously mentioned. Sure people die in war, and that is one of the many very sad factors here, but people are dying anyway due to suicide, starvation and crime from a bad economy. Someone compile those figures and post them.

When there is war, money coming in and jobs are being created. Picking flowers and throwing peace symbols does nothing to help our economy.

Does this mean the end of the world from war? I’m sure some day someone will push the limits and go to far but for now keeping the big missiles holstered and sticking to ground, air and sea battles is a money maker for almost all countries.

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